COVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Checklist

Use this COVID-19 pre-vaccine checklist to securely collect comprehensive patient health history prior to vaccine distribution.

Simplify your workflows

As vaccines become have become widely available to the general public, providers will see an increase in the number of new patients. Quickly gather a comprehensive view of a new patient’s health history prior to their vaccination with a digital COVID-19 pre-vaccination checklist.

Build contactless workflows

Implementing contactless or curbside workflows is key to keeping patients and staff safe. Limit the number of people in your waiting room by allowing patients to complete their checklist prior to their appointment.

Automate communication

Use notification emails to follow-up with patients about their second vaccine appointments. Easily customize these messages for different patient populations and set up multi-week reminders to ensure they schedule and receive their second dose.

Quickly route submissions

Securely share medical information and form submissions with your back office by setting up multi-step approvals. Once a form is submitted, approvers will be notified via email so they can confirm the patient’s appointment and add necessary notes.

Stay HIPAA compliant

With Formstack’s HIPAA compliant forms, you can equip your team with the tools they need to streamline healthcare workflows without risking patient privacy. Access powerful features such as encryption, audit logging, and user-level permissions.

Using Formstack reduces failure when bringing in new patients. It increases efficiency and cuts down on data entry for both patients and staff.
Dr. Chris Bojrab
President of Indiana Health Group

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